Panaromic Dimensions

Luminous, incandescent, sparkling lights,
Competing, contrasting the star lit sky
Rainbow down below, faint white up high,
Priceless, a sight even the richest can’t buy


Excited footsteps rushing through stretched gates,
Elated, Ecstatic, the air buzzing with intractable craze
Ticket sales soaring, the moon peeps through the haze,
The carnival is better in the nights, better than the days.


Yearning Yellows and Glorious greens,
Poster Coated Walls and diverse cuisines
Rambunctious reds and breezy blues,
Streamer wrapped wires and lanterns hanging loose
The lovely rotating cups, dizziness and squeals,
The children’s bouncy horses, giggles and cheers,
The delightful ferris wheel, its takers pink with frenzy,
The roller coaster ride, looped and utterly crazy


Memories of a lifetime, captured for future’s sake,
Multiple flavored popcorn and Layered slices of cake,
The flash of a hundred cams, bright lights shoot across.
Chocolate Coated Apples and delicious Candy Floss


The buzzing dies down, at the stroke of midnight,
There’s a tiny flicker, the stars the only light,
Rides no more merry, the carnival not alive,
Across the gates, silent footsteps pass by

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