Book Review: Those Seven Days by Anmol Rana

I just read ‘Those Seven Days’ by Anmol Rana. Here is what I thought.
When I look at a book cover, there are many qualities that run through my mind. The first, of course, is the attractive factor. This cover surely does fulfill that. With its vibrant colours and catchy images, it does make one want to pick it up and give the synopsis a read. That being said, one other major factor is the depth. This is where I was a bit disappointed.  To me, a cover is not only a visual summary of the plot but a tempting sneak peak as well. I always love to read a book, come back to the cover, and then think, Oh, so that’s why the author put this on the cover!
Cover Rating – 3.5/5



I loved the title. It’s clean, it’s catchy and it is basically what the book is about. I thought the author did a good job in managing to pick a title that could encompass all these factors.

Title Rating – 4.5/5


This, for me, had quite a few ups and downs. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the writing for multiple reasons, but before we get to that, let us start with discussing what the theme of the book is. It is a casual love story between two people who didn’t expect to fall in love. The concept is cute, but then it is also quite run of the mill. The books travels at an equal pace from the first page to the last, neither too fast nor too slow, which is one of its plus points. The other pro of this book is how the whole novel is set in just seven days, split within the chapters by morning, evening and night. I found that idea refreshing.

That being said, I personally couldn’t readily accept the abusive language, the interception of Hindi & English and the colloquial usages throughout the book. I wished the author could have taken a less casual and more steady approach when it came to the dialogues among the characters. The second drawback was the sheer predictability. There were no twists and turns, no heavy emotion, no defining moment / chapter in the book. I personally couldn’t connect.

However, those readers who are in love with the idea of romance should definitely give this book a shot. It portrays a simple and relate-worthy story that will remind you of that special someone in your life.

Plot Rating – 2-2.5/5


When I started reading the book, I had multiple thoughts rushing through my head. While I loved the simplicity of the theme and the flow of the story, there were multiple factors (as mentioned above) that kept shielding my ability to view this book from just the positive aspects of it. I find tremendous scope in this author to create a bestseller because he has the ability to transform simple situations into magnanimous events. I hope to see better, more clean works from this author in the future and I wish him all the best in the success of Those Seven Days.

Final Rating: 3/5
Verdict: Could be better

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