Book Review: The Day Before… I Died by Ashi Kalim

I just read ‘The day before I DIED’ by Ashi Kalim and it was an interesting read.
So, here is what I thought.



The cover is meaningful once you get to read the entire story. However, I found it low on the attraction factor. It’s a bit bland for my liking. Other than that, there is nothing wrong with it and this is entirely perception based. So.

Cover Rating – 3/5


To be honest, in the beginning, the title seemed a little weird, almost as though it made no sense, but in a way that was intriguing and captivating. For that, I will give it marks because I like the appeal. The plus point is that it stands up for what it means … which is something a reader will find out once he’s through with the novel. I particularly liked the three dots before the words ‘I died’.

Title Rating – 4/5


It started slowly, the introductory part doing its bit to get the reader engaged.  I loved the poem in the beginning. It was captivating. As the characters became known and well into the plot, the romance began to build. The novel also portrays some historical facts wonderfully – taking us back to the time of the World War. It especially focuses on the essence of women, their significance and male dominance over them.

I felt that the language could have been improvised, right from the sentence construction to the situations and scenes. Secondly, I wish the love element was more drawn out. It seemed to be passing way too quickly for the reader to connect. But I loved how the author chose to portray an opinionated side to the historical setting and make a piece of writing over it.

Rating – 3.5 / 5


It was a decent read though not something that I will call memorable. I applaud the author for trying to choose a factual topic and drawing out fiction from it. That was commendable. Recommended for those who are interested in history, romance and a combination of both. You won’t get bored.


Final Rating: 3.5/5
Verdict: An interesting read!

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