Shravya’s Tirades: Insecurities

Think about this.
There is one thing in your life that brings you down and doesn’t allow you to be your true confident self. It is that one negative thing about you that you wish you could change but somehow, for some reason, can’t. It is your insecurity.

Now, think about this. You allow yourself to believe someone enough to think that your insecurity is safe with him. But then that person does something that shocks you. He uses it against you.
Sounds familiar?

Have you ever had your trust broken by someone you love?
Has that person done something that you never thought he would be capable of?
Will you feel comfortable around this person again now that you know he is just like everyone else?

It hurts, doesn’t it?
It really breaks your heart to finally understand that your deepest, darkest insecurities are safe only in one place and one place alone. Deep inside of you.
No one is worth the trauma of having to trust your self-consciousness with. Keep that with yourself and don’t let it show. Because no matter how much you think that a person will understand you for who you truly are, at the end, it will always be turned against you.


This isn’t a bitter post. No, it isn’t even a warning of sorts.
It just one woman’s enlightenment reaching out to you, begging you not to let delayed realization pull you down. Because it isn’t the end of the world to stop trusting that one person, is it? It isn’t earth shattering-ly sad. It’s just… the truth.
Give it time and you shall heal.
You may not believe that now, not when you are still hurting on the inside, but sooner or later, the pain will fade away. It will be replaced by something far superior. Anger.
How could that person betray you?
How could that person hurt you?
How could that person break your heart?
But the most important question is, how could you let him?
Isn’t it bad enough that you have your own battles to fight and skeletons to hide? Do you really need someone to shove that down your throat when he is in a rage and when you are feeling low? I think you are to blame here.
For giving into your weakness and telling that person what makes you cry.
For letting that person use your own weakness against you. That is his weakness. But you made it his power.

We all have that one thing that makes us want to curl up and be left alone. That one thing that has the power to break through the walls we build around our hearts and grip our souls in agony.
We do.
We all do, no matter how strong we think we are.
Protect that secret and take it to your grave.
Empathy is conditional. You won’t get it when you need it the most.


So, like I was saying… everyone has insecurities.
Sadly, they only understand their own…

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