Book Review: Treacherous Desires by Kritika Sharma

I just read 'Treacherous Desires' by Kritika Sharma which turned out to be quite entertaining. Here is what I thought. BOOK COVER: There are three elements I look for in a book cover of which I take two very seriously. The first is the connection to the plot and the second is the attraction factor. The third element, [...]

Book Review: Broken Radio by Nishant Nishit

I just read 'Broken Radio' by Nishant Nishit. Here is what I thought. BOOK COVER: This wasn't very appealing to me. It was too straightforward and lacked the element of surprise that I was looking for. The cover symbolizes the title and vice versa. That is all there is to it. Cover Rating - 2.5 / 5 [...]