Book Review: Broken Radio by Nishant Nishit

I just read ‘Broken Radio’ by Nishant Nishit. Here is what I thought.


This wasn’t very appealing to me. It was too straightforward and lacked the element of surprise that I was looking for. The cover symbolizes the title and vice versa. That is all there is to it.

Cover Rating – 2.5 / 5


The title was one of the most interesting things about the novel. I loved the symbolism of it to a misinterpreted and wrongly directed ‘frequency’ which is the main subject of the book – The treatment of the outcast, the shoddy and the anti-social elements.

Good job on the title!

Title Rating – 4/5


If it hadn’t been for the blurb at the back, I would have gotten quite annoyed with the novel. I am giving extra points to the book and the author for being to the point and boldly stating that this novel is NOT for everyone. That part is true. It really isn’t. It deals with some of the least spoken and most taboo subjects of the Indian mentality. It is harsh, it is brutal and it gets gritty in places. Which is why it doesn’t make for a calm and peaceful read. But that isn’t a complaint. It’s just a fact.

I, for one, am not into such gore or any gore for that matter. But I was interested to see the depiction more than the story line. Most often, it isn’t about what is said but the way it is said. I have to say that I am neither impressed nor disappointed. Because while the author focused on the ‘realistic’ elements of society that people often don’t like to think about, he lost track of the way it was portrayed.

The writing style was good. It was written clearly and in a sophisticated manner. However, the editing was not on point. There were too many repetitions of words and the vocabulary seemed quite restricted. If I had to suggest one thing to the author, I would say that I will be waiting to see something more mellowed down from him. He has true potential. While I am not going to expect for him to follow the herd, I would certainly love to see different dimensions of writing without having him lose his identity along the way. Something along the lines of – erotica, drama or a thriller, perhaps.

Rating – 3.5 / 5


I was really looking forward to seeing how the story would end. But it traveled at an even pace with a couple of dull moments here and there. A salute to the author for staying true to himself and standing out in a commercial crowd. Congratulations for a valiant move.

Final Rating: 3.25 / 5
Verdict: A Brave Attempt!

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