Book Review: Sick of Being Healthy by Monisha K. Gumber

I just read ‘Sick of Being Healthy’ by Monisha K. Gumber and it was a joyous experience. Here is what I thought.


I love the book cover. It’s bright, it’s elegant and it portrays the essence of the theme perfectly.

Cover Rating – 4 / 5



When I first read ‘Dying to Live’ by the same author, I was fascinated by the title and quite honestly, that was the main reason for my wanting to read this book. I LOVE the way the author uses wordplay in her titles.

Title Rating – 5/5



This plot is very personal to me as weight issues are something I’ve dealt with my whole life. I could find a couple of relate-worthy instances within the book which drew me in completely. The novel deals with a chubby teenager who is self-conscious about her appearance and this stops her from getting what she wants. It revolves around the troubles she faces academically, peer pressure , anxiety, depression and unrealistic aspirations.

The story is about loving yourself from within and accepting yourself for who you are. It’s a big boost to a lot of people and I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever been put down for the way they look. It is filled with illustrations, screen grabs and images.

Love the book.

Rating – 5 / 5


A wonderful read, and a definite recommendation from me.

Final Rating: 5 / 5
Verdict: Recommended for Teens!

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