Author Interview: Kevin Missal

Hi there! This week, I had the opportunity to interview one of the youngest and most dynamic people I’ve met. He is packed with ambition, a steady goal and a bright future ahead. Introducing to you all… Kevin Missal!


About the Author and the Book:

In this first section, we covered the basic questions and asked the obvious. Of course, for you to understand the future goals of Kevin Missal, you need to know a bit about Kevin Missal first, right? Let’s get right into it!

Q1: What does the world need to know about you?

I can craft good stories and entertain them.

Q2: Tell us a little bit about ‘Karma’ – the world’s first Instaread.

Small, compact and could be put in a pocket. It was initially a short story written for an anthology but when the anthology didn’t work out I thought of publishing the story since it had an entire structure with a lot of characters. Karma is about grief, loneliness, superstition and madness.

Q3: Are there going to be more Instareads?

Oh hell, there are gonna be a series of it.

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The ‘What’ section:

This part of the interview contained the questions starting with ‘What’ that caught my inquisitive mind. These questions center around Kevin Missal’s interests and delve slightly deep. Let’s see what he had to say…

Q1: What does ‘Kalamos Literary Services’ mean to you?

A business that needs to spread creativity.

Q2: What is it about writing that inspires you?

You are the sole reason behind the disappointment and the success of your writing. You are not dependent on anyone. That’s what inspires me. I hate to be dependent.

Q3: What is your favourite genre to read and why?

It ranges according to my writing period. If I’m writing mystery, I’ll love mystery novels and if I’m writing fantasy as I am now, I am reading the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. And I love fantasy now!

Q4: What do you do besides writing?

I read, watch Netflix, hang out with friends.

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The ‘Who’ and ‘When’ section:

This is where it started getting a bit tricky. In this section, I mostly covered a few personal aspects of the author, trying to figure out how it all began…

Q1: Who motivated you throughout your writing journey?

Dad. No doubt. He’s always the greatest supporting force, always pushing me and always funding me. Haha.

Q2: When did you decide that writing was your passion?

At the age of 12 when I scribbled a page on my notebook realizing I can write a story too. I thought I’ll finish the entire notebook but it turned out I couldn’t since the story wasn’t fleshed out.

Q3: Who, from the literary world, would you want to be like in the future, but in your own individualistic way?

I think Amish is a marketing genius so I want to learn marketing from him, and I would like to write more like Stephen King and earn money like JK Rowling.

Q4: When do you plan to write your next book?

I’m already writing. Finished 13,000 words in two days. It’s going to be my magnus opus.

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The ‘How’ section:

Here, I mainly focused my questions around the present and the future, in my attempt to try and understand what we can hope to expect moving forward. I must say, I was surprised.

Q1: How did the concept of ‘Instaread’ come about?

I was at an airport and I had bought a book which was too heavy to carry around and you know how we have to keep moving till we reach the plane. I kind of thought wouldn’t it be cool if there’s a book with a beginning, middle and an end having concrete, well rounded characters fit in your pocket? The idea stemmed and after discussions it just blossomed.

Q2: How did you come up with the idea of ‘Karma’?

Rakshas has always inspired me to venture in the darkness of rebirth and reincarnation. Like in the movies, reincarnation isn’t so pretty. It’s bad and sometimes you return as a rakshas or a pisach.

Q3: How do you envision your future?

A successful writer penning screenplays as well.

Q4: How different would your life be if it didn’t involve writing

I would have been a very boring boy with no sense of purpose.



As we decided to call it a day, I asked Kevin if he had anything  in specific he wanted to say. Here are his words…

Well, wait for my magnum opus. I would like to tell you all about it but I can’t. It’s going to be grand, that’s all.”

Thank you, Kevin, for such an interesting interview.

You can order ‘Karma’, the world’s first Instaread, from Amazon today.


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