Book Review: Once Upon a Time in College by Gumlat Maio

I just read Once Upon a Time in College by Gumlat Maio.
Here is what I thought.


The cover is simple, elegant and catchy. The characters on the cover are extremely cute and I thought it was witty of the author to use illustrative images rather than real people. It gives a more lively, fun vibe.

Cover Rating – 4 / 5


Given that the plot is centering around the emotions and the vibrations of college life, I will say that it is best suited. The title ‘Once Upon a Time in College’ has been written inventively on the cover which adds to the attraction factor.

However, the title did not catch my attention as it didn’t justify the beauty of the plot completely.

Title Rating – 3.5/5


The genre is romance and also contains dashes of humour within, but it allows the plot to go deeper that that as well. The credit goes to the author for being able to entwine emotions with depth and a touch of philosophy as well. The main characters ‘Gaam’ and ‘Sonam’ have been portrayed very well. I love the characterization of both these protagonists though my personal favourite of the two is Sonam.

The plot traverses in and around romance while highlighting very important features of college such as the relationship between a senior and a junior, how stress from peers can cause repercussions, the mentality of a college student and the result of impulsive decisions. Now all this concludes on quite a philosophical note, teaching us not one but many lessons along the way.

It was an enjoyable read. The writing style is great with minimal errors and the plot in interesting.

Rating – 4 / 5


Anyone who is in the peak of their college lives or would like to relive their varied aspects should definitely read this book for nostalgia and relativity.

Final Rating: 4 / 5
Verdict: Recommended!

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