Book Review: Principles of Success by Roopleen

I just read Principles of Success by Roopleen.
In an ocean of fiction, this self-help book shines through.


I like how refreshingly different the cover is, with the title written in a tilted fashion to represent the steps of success. That is how I deciphered this cover, and I really found it innovative. Hats off for this aspect.

Cover Rating – 4.5 / 5


Given that this is a non-fiction, I am not going to rate the title the way I usually do the rest. I found this one apt to the subject and it complimented the author’s intentions perfectly.

Title Rating – 5/5


To keep it simple, this book highlights the fourteen steps that one needs to take in order to achieve success. Each of these principles is divided into chapters, making this read very effective. I found it quite engaging and since I don’t have the time to complete a book in one go, I was able to read a couple of chapters at a time and still retain the depth of the content. For this reason, I applaud the author. She ensured that each of the steps is clearly distinguished so the reading from a previous session doesn’t go in vain.

Additionally, in order to make it more catchy and memorable, the lessons and motivational guides are split into bullet points. This is another strong point which makes implementation quick and easy.

What really struck a chord with me in my personal life is how the concept of happiness and success merge into one another. This was something I could relate to very well because I’ve often struggled with these two components of life. Somehow, this read eased that stress for me.

The writing style is simple, to the point and lacks any major grammatical errors.

Rating – 5 / 5


Though the information isn’t all brand new and is probably something we’ve thought about every now and then, the presentation is excellent and I found the book worth my while.

Final Rating: 5 / 5

Verdict: Definitely Recommended!

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