Book Review: The Moon in the Sun

I just read The Moon in the Sun by Sanjay Kumar Singh and found it quite refreshing.
Here is what I thought.


I loved the symolism of the novel though I did not find it to be very attractive.  However, the plus points are the strength and the vibe that resonates from it.

Cover Rating – 3 / 5


My only complaint is that I found the title quite long and difficult to remember. It comes with a byline ‘A novel in the poetry of love, life, soul and wildlife’. I really like how it all sounds though I thought it could have been shortened a bit. The main title is witty, catchy and quite mesmerizing.

Title Rating – 4/5


The book is a lot different from most that I’ve read which is why I will definitely give it brownie points. The author is clearly fascinated by the natural aspects of livelihood which shines through the book. The main plot centers on how the protagonist finds his oneness with nature and wildlife.

What really moved me was the interception of the tiger in this person’s life and their similarities which was the underlying factor of the novel. It is incredibly difficult to portray these aspects but the author has done a very good job. It is obvious that he put his heart into it.

Rating – 4.5 / 5


The book is a pleasurable read with interesting scenarios and moving scenes. Do opt for it if you are a nature lover or if you would love to discover how much it affects our lives.

Final Rating: 4 / 5

Verdict: Recommended!

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