The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter, An Awaited Memoir


Amidst the lull of three generations lies a tale so splendid that it is sure to awaken our minds and spirits. Such is the story of The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter which promises to show a glimpse into the backward society that we often fail to realize as a part of our own. Set in the backdrop of a tiny village down in the south of India, the book talks about the taboo that surrounds the ‘untouchables’.

Coming from one such family herself, Shilpa Anthony Raj is the first person to recall her own memories and showcase her livelihood from an insider angle. Delving into societal issues such as poverty, discrimination and hardships, The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter deals with some major hindrances that can be related to. Shilpa’s ease and flow make the writing all the more diverse, showcasing a unique perspective towards our societal issues. The writing follows a narrative style that makes the connection with readers more personal.

For decades spanning over centuries, the upper castes have been crudely dominating the voices of those beneath them – thereby forming the main essence of portrayal. As the title suggests, this first person memoir is one of its kind in the way it captures pain without glorifying circumstances. While each minute detail has been painstakingly written to the most realistic possible sense, there are multiple undertones, characteristic portrayals and sequences that surpass the worst that can be left to imagination.

Caught between the world where the burden of suppression looms large and the world of windows where opportunities come through, Shilpa’s has a question of a lifetime. Where does she truly belong? It is the author’s ability to rise beyond the oppression and continue to pursue her passions relentlessly despite the traditional values weighing her down that forms the central theme of the memoir.

Shilpa’s journey of self-discovery highlights the pages of the book and has created quite a buzz right before its release. Expectations are high on this one and they all, I am sure, will be met. The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter is already available for orders since 10th of July, so, you can get the book before it’s launched officially on 28th this month! Block your calendars!


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