Wraps Review: Faaso’s (Begumpet, Hyderabad)

Today, I am reviewing a quickly growing brand called Faaso’s.

The delight of receiving a food delivery is unmatched. The anticipation when the delivery guy calls for the address, the rumble in the tummy when you know the food is nearby, the excitement of getting to eat something that you hope will be delicious… Every single phase of the above is unmatched. This time, I wasn’t disappointed.

Let me take a shot at reviewing Faaso’s with three major parameters:

  1. Delivery / Service
  2. Packaging
  3. Food

Delivery / Service:

I asked for my food to be delivered around 8 PM and I got a call at 7:45 to confirm the address. The guy delivering my food was extra sweet, very respectful and quite quick too. He handed over the food and I couldn’t wait to begin.

I give the service 4.5/5.


This was the most thrilling part for me. I LOVE the way Faaso’s does its packaging. It’s vibrant, colourful and just makes the food all the more tempting. The wraps came in cute boxes that were so endearing. Bonus points for all that colour and excellent marketing strategy for sure.

I give the packaging 5/5.


Now, the main part. The Food. I ordered two wrap, one vegetarian and the other Non-Vegetarian. They were both piping hot which complimented a rainy Hyderabad perfectly. The outside was fresh and soft, which was quite a relief given the number of stale and hard wraps I’ve eaten in the past from other restaurants.

Coming to the fillings, they were hot, delicious and melted in the mouth. I specifically loved the Faaso’s masala that came with it.

Definitely an excellent meal.

I give the food 4.5/5.


It was a genuinely great experience. I surely didn’t regret it even one bit. I recommend this to anyone who has a flavor for fast food, varied taste buds and / or loves Non-Vegetarian food because these guys surely know what they are doing.

Final rating: 4.5/5
Verdict: Just go for it!

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