Author Interview: Rajiv Mittal

This week, I had the opportunity to interview an amazing author. He is packed with wit, humour and seems to be an extremely straight-forward person. Introducing to you all… Rajiv Mittal!

About the Author and the Book:

In this first section, we covered the basic questions and asked the obvious. Of course, for you to understand the future goals of Rajiv Mittal, you need to know a bit about Rajiv Mittal first, right? Let’s get right into it!

Q1: What does the world need to know about you?

I am a cynical realist who always assumes the worst of people and situations and is therefore sometimes pleasantly surprised but never disappointed.

Q2: Tell us a little bit about  what inspired you to pen ‘Brahmahatya’.

I would visit my father in his retirement home during his final days. Seeing all the residents, I would wonder – what are their stories? And are they all really who they say they are.

The ‘What’ section:

This part of the interview contained the questions starting with ‘What’ that caught my inquisitive mind. These questions center around Rajiv Mittal’s interests and delve slightly deep. Let’s see what he had to say…

Q1: What is it about writing that inspires you?

The fact that while I am writing, unlike in real life, I am in complete control of my imagined world.

Q2: What is your favourite genre to read and why?

Humor of the cynical variety. Why? Because despite all this fear of Artificial Intelligence enslaving humans, I do not believe it can happen until the time A.I. develops an ability to cynically laugh at itself. That requires real intelligence.

The ‘Who’ and ‘When’ section:

This is where it started getting a bit tricky. In this section, I mostly covered a few personal aspects of the author, trying to figure out how it all began…

Q1: Who motivated you throughout your writing journey?


Q2: When did you decide that writing was your passion?

When I realized that however horrible I might feel when I wrote something, it was always a pleasure reading it back.

The ‘How’ section:

Here, I mainly focused my questions around the present and the future, in my attempt to try and understand what we can hope to expect moving forward. I must say, I was surprised.

Q1: How do you envision your future?

Very bleak. Real life is beginning to scare me and I am reduced to browsing the internet particularly social media to be amazed.

Q2: How different would your life be if it didn’t involve writing?

I might have become grumpier as a person. Writing gives me the luxury to constructively spend a great deal of my time and it is cathartic.



As we decided to call it a day, I asked Rajiv if he had anything  in specific he wanted to say. Here is his extract.

Thank you, Rajiv, for such an interesting interview.

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