Surviving Stress: Discover the Awesome You by Vidhu Bhatnagar

“Stay positive and notice the miracles happening in your life on a daily basis.” – Vidhu Bhatnagar

This week’s read is Surviving Stress: Discover the Awesome You by Vidhu Bhatnagar.

Here is what I thought…


“Surviving Stress and Rediscover The Awesome You!” Whatever we do, Stress is an essential part of our lives and we just can’t wish it away…… we might as well learn to deal with it constructively. Stress in everyday life is a killer in itself and when we become parents, the stress multiplies. The first section in this book deals with my ways of surviving stress, balancing between work, patients, kids and home. When I became a parent I learnt patience and acceptance. I even had to unlearn many a tricks which I utilized for teaching my elder one, because they were just not correct for the younger one…. The whole parenting business is maddening with continuous dillemma of “how much is too much” and how less is too less’. The need to become a better person, a better parent has also been extremely strong, always. Thus, I learnt new lessons, identified my weaknesses and strengths and emerged as a ”New ME”. I realized how societal conditioning restricts our growth; how we need to identify our bonds so as to free ourselves and become our awesome self. Identifying the clutches of conditioning and then disentangling from them made me write about the second part in this book.This book is divided into two sections – the first section deals with the lessons I learnt regarding stress management and the second is devoted to learning about the societal conditioning and rediscovering our awesomeness. Hope you enjoy reading it. Vizmom!


What I like best about the title is how it encompasses the essence of the book in just a few words. Reading it gives an idea about what the book is all about – and that is that this is a self-help guide.

Title Rating – 4 / 5


In my opinion, the cover could have been better. It is a little too plain for my liking and doesn’t really create an impact. Perhaps the author was going for an aura of peace or freedom – but the message just doesn’t convey.

Cover Rating – 1.5 / 5


“Some choices are conscious efforts while others are divine interventions.” – Vidhu Bhatnagar

As the topic is related close to betterment of self, I expected a very serious style of writing that may or may not, at times, be difficult to understand. However, the writing style of the author is pretty simple and makes this book an easy read. Coming to the language, there are grammatical errors and sentence construction mistakes, without which the book would have been an even better read.

“Even as little as 30 minutes to yourself can do wonders for your rejuvenation and healing.” –  Vidhu Bhatnagar

While there are a lot of chapters (60+) in the book, only some of them seem to present a very fresh perspective into the topic. While most others are common, they still have been written from the author’s own unique point of view.

“So, have patience and exert loving kindness towards yourself because unlearning is a difficult task indeed…”  – Vidhu Bhatnagar

Overall, it is a good read that is both engaging and entertaining. If you are looking for something quick and satisfying, then this is the read for you.

Plot Rating – 3.5 / 5

I loved…

  1. The Style of Writing
  2. The Personal Quotes

I wanted…

  1. More Depth
  2. A Clear Cut Summary
  3. Less Grammatical Errors

Overall Rating: 3 / 5

Verdict: A One Time Read!

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