Product Review: Lousfa Shea Butter

I have always loved the idea of shea butter because of how natural it is. Made from the seeds that come from the Karite tree, it is not only rich in vitamins (A, E and F) but also provides UV protection for the skin.

It has so many fascinating uses, right from moisturizing skin to protecting hair and even repairing damaged nails. But I was always apprehensive about buying shea butter because I wasn’t sure how I could guarantee that the brand I chose was actually selling me the purest form of it.

So naturally, when Lousfa (Kothari Productions) came out with this 100% pure and raw shea butter, I was intrigued. Despite my initial dilemma, I decided that I would take the plunge and make the purchase from Amazon.

Packaging and Delivery

I got the product three days after placing the order, which I feel is quite prompt. It was delivered on the day that I was promised so no complaints there. Further, the packaging was quite sturdy too. The shea butter bottle came in a cardboard box and inside, it was wrapped tightly with a plastic film. Overall, sturdy packaging and quick delivery, so brownie points to the seller for that!


Just to be cautious, I started using the product on my fingertips and hands. When I opened the lid, I was pleasantly surprised to see a firm and thick substance with a buttery feeling to it. Instantly, I understood why shea butter was known for its moisturizing effects. It was soft and smooth against the skin but the best part was how long lasting it really was. For nearly 10 hours after I had applied it on my nails, my fingertips were feeling freshly cared for.

Over the course of the next few days, I found many other uses for it:

  1. To reduce the redness and burning from sunburn
  2. For massaging into the skin, especially on dry areas
  3. On chapped lips as a balm
  4. For inflammation arising from bruises or weather changes
  5. As a general moisturizer
  6. As a hair mask along with aloe vera gel and honey

Final Verdict

All in all, I found the product quite useful for regular skin and hair care. It really does feel 100% organic. Lousfa shea butter is a definite recommendation from my end.

Score: 4.5 / 5


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