The Rain Child

The house is heavy with grief. Twisting an escaping strand of my straightened hair in my finger, I bite my lower lip to stop myself from getting emotional. Outside, as I hear thunder, a sudden smile of secrecy escapes my pursed lips. Abandoning my family in time of their need, I take one step back, [...]

Autumn Memories

As the first yellowing leaf fell off the tree, Josephine hopped around, trying to catch it before it touched the grass. Clutching it to her heart, she remembered her dead husband’s last words fifteen years ago. “This year, I’m the leaf that falls off the tree. Hopefully, you’ll be hanging on for years to come” [...]


She darted her eyes to the left, her breath heavy and her face contorted with dismay. The room was dark and dingy, the water leaking through the walls as well as from the ceiling. She sat balled up in a corner, trying hard not to cry. “Help…” she whispered, her throat dry. Dried up tears [...]