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But wait. What do I offer?

Just go through the list below and shoot me a mail at if you like what you see or would like to know more details!


I review products, books, services and food so if your line of interest falls into any of these categories, then use the subject line ‘Product / Book / Service / Food Review – Your Product / Book / Service / Restaurant Name‘ and send me a mail with all the questions you can think of.

If you would like to see any of my previous reviews, then click here.


If you want to get your writing edited by me but need more information about the packages I offer, use the subject “Editing Inquiry” while sending me a mail.

Content Development

I develop content for blogs, websites and featured guest posts. If you need content for your new website, blog posts for your audiences or any other purpose, mail me with the subject line ‘Content Development: Your Industry‘.


If you need me to translate a piece of writing, then please send me a mail using ‘Translation’ as the subject line. Please note that I only translate between English and Telugu at the moment.

I promise to reply within 24 hours. Well, conditions apply, of course!

Hope you have a fabulous day ahead!