Book Review: Treacherous Desires by Kritika Sharma

I just read 'Treacherous Desires' by Kritika Sharma which turned out to be quite entertaining. Here is what I thought. BOOK COVER: There are three elements I look for in a book cover of which I take two very seriously. The first is the connection to the plot and the second is the attraction factor. The third element, [...]

The Rain Child

The house is heavy with grief. Twisting an escaping strand of my straightened hair in my finger, I bite my lower lip to stop myself from getting emotional. Outside, as I hear thunder, a sudden smile of secrecy escapes my pursed lips. Abandoning my family in time of their need, I take one step back, [...]

The Counter Top

From behind the curtain, one peeping eye, A nervous glance as footsteps pass by, One chubby foot and then the other, Careful not to fall in the eyes of the mother A pink fist closed, the other in her mouth, She giggles in excitement as she heads down south Towards the kitchen, where the goodies [...]

An Angel in Disguise

Battered, bruised, lower lip swollen, One red eye, the other won’t open, Unending fear, damage and destruction, Two broken ribs and a jaw reconstruction Forever running, trying to hide, Her trembling heart refuses to stay inside, Shivers running down her spine, She dreads the moment the clock strikes nine. I remember crouching, cowering on the [...]